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The Ab-solute Truth

There are many ab CRUTCHES on the market that claim they will give you a flat stomach. You might think, “Wow! That looks easy, I can do hundreds of these”…. Or “I can lie down and do my abs while I watch TV”. Lounging while doing abs!, something’s not right here people. Some of these gadgets might be pretty good when used properly, but the fact is….. No amount of working your abdominal muscles is going to flatten your stomach, tighten maybe… but not flatten. It brings us back around to the “D” Word again – “Diet.” OH!.. didn’t want to forget “Exercise”… as in “Cardiovascular Exercise” like walking, running, cycling, etc. In order to see that glorious six pack you’ve been working on, (not Bud Lite), you need to reduce overall body fat. Twisting is another old fashioned idea that doesn’t really reduce your waist, but you can work up an appetite. In fact, working the muscles on the sides of your waist, called the obliques, to reduce your waist doesn’t even make sense. Unless you like the appearance of the “puffy love handle look” – sometimes overworking those muscles can make your waist look even thicker.

I also hear people say, “I do 200 sit-ups.” If you’re doing 100’s of anything, you’re probably doing something wrong. I started doing abs when I began Martial Arts training at age thirteen. Over thirty years later, it never takes me more than 20 reps before I’m really feeling the exercise. There are just a few important things to remember when working your abs…

  1. Exhale the air out of your stomach as you crunch inward.
  2. Pause slightly after you exhale.
  3. Concentrate on contracting or tightening the muscles as you crunch.
  4. Do them slowly.

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