The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Don’t be fooled into thinking that good food tastes bad, because really… bad food taste bad – we just brainwash ourselves to believe it can’t possibly be any good unless we shouldn’t be eating it. A skillfully prepared healthy dish can be delicious, colorful, appetizing, satisfying, and habit forming. I have yet to hear someone tell me how great they physically felt after eating a half pound burger with bacon, egg and cheese, a side of fries, and a milkshake! (sound good?) When it comes to fat, the rule of thumb seems to be, if a little bit tastes good, twice as much will be better, right? Who wants to be stuck with half a stick of butter and nothing to put it in, just throw in the whole stick and it will just be more decadent!! How about a little salad, with that dressing? How about a baked potato, with that sour cream, bacon, butter, and extra cheese? Most cooking shows, (with the exception of a few), are a great example of what to do if you could care less. Try this dish, and check the scale at the end of the week… BAM!! Fast food commercials are like a form of hypnosis. Have you ever seen the new colossal, oversized, crazy meal, topped with the kitchen sink, and had the uncontrollable urge to rush right out to your car, and head for the nearest drive-thru? They could just about deep-fry a spicy shoe, melt some cheese on it, add some bacon and ranch dressing, and they’ve got a hit! The NEW Spicy Shoe Club!! …available for a limited time only!

The Good thing is… there seems to be an epidemic of people coming to their senses, and corporations considering change, due to the threat of having to produce calorie counts on menus. The Bad thing is… the wide spread acceptance of belly kings, and larger trunks with a lot more junk in ‘em. The Ugly thing is… the increasing demand for out of control single servings, large enough to feed a family of three, and the longterm effect on our health.

There are two parts to eating right. One part is knowing how to make the best choice… the other part is doing It. I know this is going to sound corny, but we need to eat more fruits and vegetables. We’re all pressed for time these days, but frozen foods with a whole day’s worth of sodium in a single bite aren’t the only logical choice. You can grill, broil, saute, or stir-fry chicken, fish, or lean beef, and prepare vegetables in about 20 minutes. When you’re in a hurry, just keep it simple. When you eat at fast food and restaurant chains, check the calorie counts ahead of time – it’s easier to make better choices, before you find yourself sitting in front of a huge menu full of temptations. If the ingredients are of unknown origin, then be sensible with the portion size. Last but not least… at the risk of over simplifying things, eat less and exercise more, to get control of the scale.

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  1. #1 by Charm1 on February 23, 2011 - 11:35 AM

    Great! There are so many good choices and alternatives that are yummy! Maybe you will show us 20 min meals in the future? That would be awesome!!! I am loving the calorie counts on menus!!! Good stuff Corey!

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